Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Expense Jar in Negative Zone

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Some of you may encounter this same problem, you end up spending more than you earn. Well not exactly for me because the income I gained is split into many different jars and due to that we know what we can spend on. So yesterday, the usual bike repairs and servicing of $150 shot up to $744 due to many unserviceable parts and restoration of it. So you see the expense went off the chart and now I'm in the negative zone for my Expense Jar... Fortunately there are the other jars like LTSS and PLAY Jars to still maintain what I need to survive with. Again at this point this is the test of our commitment to maintaining the FFA jar. As its the only jar that is untouched and have that much money. Note that this jar cannot be touched for whatever reasons. So the only way is to earn more money to recover back the losses and also to check back on the expense list to see what we can hold back first and what we can pay lesser for. As I mention in the Jar Article, this time will always come because its a test of your ability to upkeep yourself. It challenging no doubt but I intend to overcome it. How about you? So less of Coffee Bean and Star Bucks for the rest of the month. :)

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Expense Jar in Negative Zone