Monday, January 18, 2010

Back Stabbers and Can We Avoid them?

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backstabbers_by_givreBack Stabbers? Do they exist? When there's good there's always evil? Somehow they exists and makes life more colorful. Becareful of such people in the business world. They may look very innocent and honest upfront however in the behind scenes they are just scheming away. Can we avoid them? Yes. Integrity plays a big part in business and that trust that you have with other entrepreneurs is very crucial. Business are build on relationships and the tighter they are, the more you will be supported and helped. Hence this is also your radar. Its important that we network with as many people as possible. So that when you meet someone, consult another for their opinion on whether you can work with this person. No. Because they might not be known in the market place. Hence your contacts might not know this person that is why I stress again get to know as many people as possible. Regardless online or offline. Experience also plays a part. By the way I hope that this article does not discourage you to run your own business. All I'm trying to say is be careful and learn to protect your business.

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Back Stabbers and Can We Avoid them?