Friday, January 29, 2010

Idea of Untung Internet Seminar (UIS)

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Back in September or October 2009.. wah seems like it was ages ago, the idea of UIS was merely to help get potential clients for our Virtual Specialists that we are training. It was just a small idea back then and we wanted to include several key speakers like Dr Irfan, Sujimy and many more. However as time goes by, we  decided that we actually have enough Home Grown Talents. Its just that they are not given enough opportunity to present themselves as we need to eradicate this form of mindset - that our people are not Good Enough.. Its true that we may not be the best but if you really sit down with these individuals, you will see the real content and value that they have. Such as Saiful Rizal, he's only 22 and he has actually made $10,000 in 7 days. How many of you out there can do that? So do you want to learn from such person. Suria Mohd - well if you have been to her talks, you would know that she is no FLUFF. Just see her contents ..OMG.. Its worth millions. WOW Dinner Participants can attest to this right? Shaheed or some people called him Beggar Blogger has been around in this business for a while right now. Among all he is the most experience in this Line. He may not have made his millions yet, however he knows his stuff and he can give you concrete advice especially for new start ups. Zul - Before his emergence nobody was specialising on strategies using Facebook only. Although coming from a Teaching Background and eventually turning to Search Engine Optimisation Specialists serving the American and European Markets, he had used facebook to save his wife's business and recently helping many more clients to up their profits by 10% to 15% using Facebook Strategies. So for the first time ever, an Inter [...]

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Idea of Untung Internet Seminar (UIS)