Friday, January 01, 2010

Khutbah Today - Jan 01, 2010

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Dear Brothers in Islam Let us not forget to be steadfast in our faith and to observe obedience towards Allah s.w.t., even during the joyous holiday. Let us be thankful to Allah for giving us the opportunity to continue living today, and giving us the will to strive and to make our aims to be his His khalifahs on the surface of this Earth a reality, by making it prosperous with all our good deeds and to restraint from all that are wrong. May this effort be rewarded with His blessings, as well as to include us amongst those who attain the intercession of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. in the hereafter. Dear blessed Jumaah congregation As all of us are aware, today is the first day of the year 2010. As Muslims we should have the intelligence and vision, either collectively or individually, to ponder again on our future plans and what are our aims for this new year. Allah s.w.t. said in Surah al-Hasyr verse 18:
Which means:"O you who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah, and let every soul consider what it has sent on for the morrow, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah; surely Allah is Aware of what you do." Let us together use this verse [...]

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Khutbah Today - Jan 01, 2010