Monday, January 25, 2010

The story of the Upsell and Downsell

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Taken from: The story below gives us a very clear picture of how these processes gets done, if you can do this tactics for your marketing campaigns, you will definitely see results. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't you just LOVE listening to stories, ?!Let me tell you one. It's about Sam, the desert 'water-man'. A story is a great way to spread a message. And this story has one too. Hope you enjoy it. Our hero, Sam, lived in a desert. Right in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vast expanses of sand. To survive, he had a well dug at great expense. It gave him water enough to grow some food – and he even bottled some of it to sell to travelers. Every morning, Sam filled some bottles and rode off on his camel towards the caravan route. On a typical day, he would come across 5 or 10 folks who – through bad planning, accident or careless behavior – had run out of water to drink. Since Sam knew there was no other water source for miles, and that these travelers faced a real danger of dying of thirst, he was passionate in his offers. He sold each traveler a glassful of water - for twenty dollars. Almost everyone bought it. After all, they were traders returning after a profitable sale of merchandise – or hopeful of selling theirs soon. Then, Sam offered each of them a full bottle of water – for $100 more. Some were wise (and rich) enough to buy it. If they refused, Sam gave them an option to buy half a bottle of water – for $60. Some took it. If even this was turned down, Sam still urged them to at least buy another glassful – for $15. For those who boug [...]

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The story of the Upsell and Downsell