Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Things I Hate About UIS....Part 1

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Well we have always been singing praises about UIS... So what about the 10 bad things you expect to see at UIS>> Well firstly wearing Nice & Casual.. Errgh.... Hey what do you expect a PYJAMA party?  Well in such event we do have to wear something nice.. As a speaker ( I need to wear appropriately.. ). Well this really goes against the principle of working in your Pyjamas right.. So how I wish we can walk in there with our pyjamas ... And yes I don't want to spend money on that Suit... Can I walk in with Pyjamas please...... Well No2.. Print tons of namecards... Errghhh There will be many people there and do expect to exchange contacts and meet new people. Printing of name cards is costly but its a super investment I have to make. Well if you need to print name cards, do it by this weekend - Watch this video. OK that's gonna burn another $39.... ahhhhh No 3. I have to prepare the notes... Aiyah... super lazy leh.. Yes I am a lazy person. Perhaps I should get my VA's to help out? Give them the points and they will do everything for me inclusive of the Power Point. Well what's a VA? A Virtual Assistant is someone who works from home and helps with documentation, admin work.. Its cool.. You should hire these people. It really makes your life so easy.. Ahh I should just get them eh? No 4. I have to talk formally... OMG.. Why must I do that? Can't I just be me on stage.. Well that's where training comes in lah.. Duit lagi.. So to get professional help, should I engage Harasha from Speak Communications? So no rojak language on that day... I so hate it lah!! We should be proud of our Singapore Singlish betul tak? No 5. So many eyes gonna stare at me.. Don't blunder it.. Don't blunder it... :).. Its gonna be a nervous wreck especially wh [...]

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10 Things I Hate About UIS....Part 1