Sunday, February 07, 2010

20 more days to UIS...Are Malays Really Hungry to Succeed?

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leads 20 more days to UIS... As the days gets closer the PRESSURE is on.. The need to sell tickets, get sponsors, creating more avenues of marketing and so on can really drive someone up the wall.. Though ticket sales has not been as good as we expected but we are confident this will go through.. The initial target of a 2000 audience was slashed to 1000 and then to now 600. We had to make do with 600 people this time round. You know when we first came out with the idea, SKEPTICS keep telling us, is it possible to get 2000 or even now 600 Malays into that room? Furthermore its not just any Malays, they are Professionals, Managers, Entrepreneurs & Technicians (PMETs).  Would these people really come and listen to these 5 people speak? So i began to ask myself "Are Malays Really Hungry to Succeed?" If the myth about Malays being lazy is true, then I began to ask myself? Then what am I? Am I just the special breed who is crazy enough to be an entrepreneur, would be crazy enough to throw away that Degree and pursue a life in Business? So my friends is that really true? Are we just going to tell ourselves that we Malays are sleeping all the time? We Malays are no use? Tak boleh buat bisnes dengan orang Melayu ah.. Buat dengan orang Cina lagi bagus? and so on and so on.. So are we all like that? You know what? Whenever I talked to a Chinese friend, they say they envy us and it kinds of bewildered me at times. Then I ask them WHY? Their answers were always the same our community seems to be always together while the Chinese are always on their own and always keeping secrets to themselves. If they are rich, they will never really tell others about it. Then I began to wonder again.. Is that a Chinese problem? Then I began to ask myself? Aren't Malays like [...]

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20 more days to UIS...Are Malays Really Hungry to Succeed?