Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 more things I have about UIS...

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Goodness. You wont believe it either? no 6.. Well I thought Internet Business is just about sitting infront of the computer... Why in the world am I despatching the tickets? Well in fact even though its tiring but IT WORKED... Solely depending on the online platform does not guarantee you sales especially in a small country in Singapore. Yes we may be high tech with good broadband connections, however because of close proximity, personal touch has become very important... no 7.. Too many places to send.. Ahhh.. I had to hire another despatcher to help out. DUit lagi keluar.. hehe... So if you need to hire, you need to hire.. We cannot be at 10 places at one single time. Leverage on other people's work and reward them.. no 8... Telephones ringing none stop.. Even at 11.30 pm, my telemarketeer complain about the non stop ringing and non stop enquiries.. Madness!! no 9... Coordinating the printing of tickets, flyers, forms, banners, backdrops, soundman, sound equipment.. Ahh being the organiser can be quite challenging.. However it's a super learning experience.. No 10.. When you get to this point, Fatigues tends to start kicking in.. I remember in Officer Cadet School, we had only like 1 hour naps in the jungle each day for 5 day excercises.. Can go crazy man!! So yes fatigues does start to settle in.. The only way to motivate myself is to see the results day by day.. Let's keep going.. Here's some more points.. No 11.. Expectations.. As this is the first ever Internet Seminar targeted mainly to the Community, it become more important for us to make it good so that it becomes easier for future seminars. Let's pray to Allah that everything will be fine.. 6 more days to go.. See you at UIS.. ----------------------------------------------------- Did you miss the Early Bird Offers? [...]

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5 more things I have about UIS...