Monday, February 01, 2010

Erasing Competition from the Market...

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Are you always competing with others all the time.. Say you sell TUDUNG Structures then another company Sell the Same thing getting their stocks from another supplier. So how do you "ERASE YOUR COMPETITION FROM THE MARKET". I am not saying that we have to KILL them or destroy their business, that would be bad on us too. Let's stop watching those bad dramas that say that the world is a DOG EAT DOG WORLD.. Or Survival of the Fittest. That's all Crap.. If such a thing would happen, Yahoo will have not survived and Google will have taken over the internet by now. But why are they still around? Abundance God have created the world with different people with different preferences. People will still use the different platforms for the different purposes in their lifes. I use google to search for general stuff, but to find movies and financial activities, I prefer to use Yahoo. In fact its actually complementing their services. Well the SECRET is......  THEY STAND OUT IN DIFFERENT AREAS Google maybe the best Search Engine in the World, but Yahoo has the best Financial Reflections in the World. Yes yahoo still survives because of Niches that they are so good at that even Google cannot  over take  that. Hence Your Business must also have that NICHE or more known as the USP - Unique Service Proposition which can help your business to stand out from the Crowd. That's it.. Its not really a secret but a very important subject to think about. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors. My Story When my buddies and I started back in 2007, we had one clear goal which was to publicise Islamic Activities in Singapore. That's it. Nothing else.. Hence our Niche was that Super Clear [...]

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Erasing Competition from the Market...