Friday, February 05, 2010

Facebook Trends

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facebook-screenshot Above is a screenshot taken from facebook stats page. In understanding where to target your market, you need to know where people hang around right? If there are more people there, there is a higher chance that you would make a sale or get a great prospective lead to your business. So How Do You Use the Nos above to your advantage.. Yes Facebook may have millions of people everyday to their site and 50% are active people, so do you actually know how to get people's attention in this market place? For the last few days we have been talking about USP and USP. Now when we have that straighten out, the how can we use Facebook to position and market yourself correctly? By the way why Facebook? And why not Multiply and not other platforms? Well simply to say this is where people are hanging around NOW! However don't shove that Multiply account yet.. you can still use it. So do you want to learn the techniques of getting more Leads and Clients in Facebook? Has this been proven? Can people really make that much money in Facebook? Well its not just about making money... because of Facebook it has saved many businesses. Yes saved people from losing their shops and so on. Like many of you, the speaker for this topic Mr Zulkifli didn't believe that Facebook was a place to do business. He thought it was just a site for idlers for people to chit-chat because he did not understand what Facebook really is. The turning point for him was that, his wife's business was going down and they had to close shop at Tanjong Katong Complex. It wasn't easy for them [...]

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