Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Get to know them LAH!!!

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This may sound so absurd to you... Why should I get to know them???? Well its simple, if you dont get to know them, they will judge you, they will think that you are this SLEAZY sales person who is trying to sell them something.. Well its true that you will want to eventually sell them something, however nothing is SOLD without building that trust first.. Its just like saying.. Why would your wife marry you if she does not know YOU! Or Vice Versa... Ok now don't get to the wrong idea, especially men. Don't go around honking on any other lady to proof this point. Now in the online world.. how do we build that trust in you... ====> Through articles. Yes as you can we write a lot. Lots of articles, in blogs, in Ezines, in Emails and so on and so on. ====> The new and better way.. Through videos.. That's why YOUTUBE exploded because people can actually see the person.. :) Well if you want to learn from the best, you must learn from Saiful.. He's only 21 and have made tons of money online with just videos.. GO WATCH THIS >>>>>>> CLICK HERE

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Get to know them LAH!!!