Monday, February 08, 2010

Name cards.... Internet Secrets revealed... The Follow up process

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Do you have a stash of namecards lying inside your drawers? Do you go for meetings and meetings and end up getting no deals from the prospective client? Are you just chucking away all that name cards?

Well stop doing that!!

Stop collecting namecards just to stack it up somewhere you cannot find!!!

Why? These are HOT LEADs. It does not mean that if you cannot get a deal now, you cannot have a deal in the future! What are you doing with that lead?

Do you have a follow up process for such people?

Secret no 1: Follow Up

My printer Mr Zan is a third party dealer for Printers. Basicly he finds clients and he goes to print shops to help his clients make name cards, banners and anything related to print services. Some may be cheap and some maybe expensive.

What I want to share with you is about how he has been following up with me the last 2 years I know him. He has NEVER miss a CALL to ask me about my business and is there anything he could help with every month. Most of the time, he will call me though instead of me calling him.

Secret no 2: Personalization

There are months that I dont print anything and they are times he gives me business. After a while we will pass to each other jobs over and over again. After a while, its gets personalized and that's where more and more business st [...]

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  • Well I agree but I dream the collection should acquire more info then it has.

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Name cards.... Internet Secrets revealed... The Follow up process