Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nothings Happens Until a Sale is Made

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sales Nothings Happens Until a Sale is Made
Isn't it true? We can claim that we are the best marketeer in the world however at the end day this must be proven with numbers and statistics... privacy-reasons Above is the chart of the payments made by Credit/Debit Cards for the Untung Internet Seminar. We have the records for Bank Payments and so on also but we are not going to show you that. For those that have never seen or feel online payments before, well this is what it looks like in real time.  Do you want to feel how we feel it? Have you had your first SALE Online yet? If you have not, you wont know how this feeling is.. The day that you received your first payment is the day that you will feel this adrenalin rush like you have never felt before. You will want to see more and more coming in.. Just look back on the first day that you had your salary or the day when you are still a child and your parents give you the your pocket money for the first time. If you can still recall those times, the feeling is almost the same, however this is your own business. Remember Success Breed Success however be warned not to be Greedy. That feeling of getting your first payment will breed that Hunger in you further. You will want to make more. You will want to see more. -------------------- In my previous workshops - Basic Internet Marketing Class, I shared with my students on simple ways t [...]

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Nothings Happens Until a Sale is Made