Monday, February 15, 2010

Oooh Apekkk is at it again.....

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When you see that tagline, what do you remember? Well if you dont know, YOU MUST REMEMBER because this lady came from no where one day and came out with all these funny cartoons / caricatures. In this case, she, Shareah Mokhtar, did it again.. or is it the character in her cartoon ( The Apek) did it again.. successimage Click Above Image to see it larger. As I mention above she came out of no where. Firstly she had a great USP going and with this unique talent she has brought smiles to many faces. What a great business, just like Disney - To make people happy.. Perhaps Kak Shareah Motto could be to create smiles with the people she meet. Definitely we would love to print this large and showcase this during our seminar. Our gratitude to Allah SWT for presenting to us such a wonderful lady and supporting us all the way.

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Oooh Apekkk is at it again.....