Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speeding Imams

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This is quite a good discussion as you may encounter this before through out your life. Do share your thoughts on this at Thread started by Hidayat.
Sorry if the title seems appropriate. I just have no idea how else to put it. Will the jemaah's prayers be accepted if the imam goes at a very very fast pace? I am NOT referring to solat Jumaat, Terawih, Maghrib, Isyak or Subuh. But rather the casual solat Zuhur and 'Asr whereby a person may offer to lead in solat (in a musollah) for another 1 to perhaps 3 more, a small jemaah prayer. As we know, Al-Fatihah and other surahs for the first 2 rakaat (for Zuhur and 'Asr especially) are not recited out loud. And there are occasions whereby the imam could have been a student of other mazhabs. The jemaah might not be able to catch up in all parts of the solat. Our hearts might even go as far as wondering if the imam recited correctly Will our solat be accepted? How do we react? Is there a sahih Hadith on this? I've not yet completed reading hadith books but if someone out there is familiar, would be grateful if you could share here. Thank you.
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