Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Standing Out from The Crowd!

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Well are you standing out from the crowd? Well yesterday we talked about being unique and so on but I've never really showed you any real examples of a business with a USP. So what I did was that, I looked back to my students portfolio.. and I found.... Mr Amin or more known as Pak Mat Siber.. Let me share with you his story.. Pak Mat was one of the attendees at the Jutawan Internet Seminar back in 2008 and after that seminar he joined the small group that I was tutoring back then to start their websites and to get their niche. He started helping his bro selling second hand laptops, got involve in MLMs and also my sabun sertu, however that didn't really stand out until recently... Want to know what he did? Recently I've seen him designing banners for MULTIPLYIANs.. See example below.. You can check out the site @ banner4u2c.multiply.com to see other banners that he did. Personally I think Pak Mat finally hit the jackpot after 2 years looking around for opportunities. I can see that he has been helping more and more people to design the banners on multiply. Hence he's carved out a very good USP for himself. - Serving Business Owners in Multiply by providing them attractive banner designs. I still remember a few years back where there was one lady who baked cakes in style. She could customise it to look like a PSP or even a Laptop. And because of that the response was tremendously crazy and orders sky rocketed. I wondered what happened to her now.. Maybe retired already? Well my point is are you getting your USP right? As you can see getting your USP right in the beginning is not as simple as we might think. Some go through a process of trial and error while others may have undiscovered talents that can be used as the USP but they dont use it. Why? Because we always think that w [...]

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  • Nice brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:55 AM  

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Standing Out from The Crowd!