Monday, February 08, 2010

Your Marketing SUCKS!

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God has his ways of showing us how to solve our problems.... Last Saturday I was at Peace Center printing notes for VIS Class. So while waiting, I went up to the second floor and visited one of my favourite book store. Immediately on the window shelf, I saw this book - Your Marketing Sucks. Just looking at the book it hits me. It hits me hard like a brick. Crazy I know but you know what that is the answer to my problem all this while. My marketing actually SUCK!! That was why the ticket sales are not moving as fast as it should. To be honest it is really hard to tell yourself that you SUCKED when you are actually teaching people about Internet Marketing and so on. I have to admit I SUCKED!! Hence when I saw the book, I asked the store owner, I want that book please get it for me. Well you know what? Its the only book left in that store. Well I dont know if its available in the other stores but why should I care right? I got the last piece here.. I've read through half the book now.. It keeps emphasizing on a few points. One of it is EXTREME Marketing. Is my marketing EXTREME Enough!! Is it getting enough attention and is it getting into the heads of our Target Audience. Well those points is really a wake up call.. That's why I am up at this hour writing and writing these thoughts down... Thank you Allah for guiding us all.. Anyway some crazy plans are coming up, you will see very EXTREME stuff going on the next few weeks leading to the UIS. ---------------- Have you signed up for Untung Internet Seminar yet? leads

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Your Marketing SUCKS!