Sunday, March 07, 2010

Have You Looked at Your Marketing Lately? (Here’s Why You Should)

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Written by T Harv Eker..

Man Shouting (marketing)

A few months ago I blogged on the importance of marketing in order to nurture and grow a profitable business. (Click here it you missed that post.) Without effective marketing, how will enough people get to know you, your business or your product in order to buy from you in the first place? It's basic, but like I said before, there's never a shortage of examples of bad marketing.

Here's part of the reason why. Think about a time when you were in a conversation with someone and it seemed to just go on and on. You want to be polite, but you're losing interest. You find yourself drifting and daydreaming. Eventually, you're just looking for a way out! Is it because the other person doesn't have anything of value to say? Not necessarily, because a good communicator can make almost anything sound interesting. Not only that; a really good communicator makes the other party want to hear or experience more. A lot of the time, we lose interest because the other person goes off on tangents and we're really not sure of what they're talking about. If we can't identify what their point is, then how can we respond? For the FULL Article, click [...]

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Have You Looked at Your Marketing Lately? (Here’s Why You Should)