Monday, March 22, 2010

Internet Knowledge or Business Knowledge First

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Internet Knowledge or Business Knowledge First
Slept after Isyak last night but woke up around 11pm and now I am typing this entry because of the emails and Facebook messages.
One of the emails was a reply from one of my NUS seniors who asked for helped for a lady whom had been in an accidently recently and she cannot walk because of her condition. This lady wanted to come for the Untung Internet Seminar but she can't so she wanted to meet me because she wanted to learn how to create a blog that can generate income.
In my reply I wrote to my friend this. She doesn't need a blog now or internet marketing knowledge now. She needs her confidence back first and to get her to survive. Hence to set up a blog and generate income from it will take some time.
Yes.. This is the truth. Most people who try to make money from blogs will make less than $100 in a year because they never treat it like a business. Those with business knowledge will use the blog for a different purpose.
If you go around with that kind of income, how are you going to survive. So I suggested, she should start off with Data Entry first. There are ton [...]

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Internet Knowledge or Business Knowledge First