Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Keep on Learning & Taking Massive Action ( Part 1 )

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  • writeLearning never ends..
  • Learning does not stop till the day we take our last breath..
  • Learning comes from everywhere and anywhere..
  • Learning requires a teacher else it can take you to the wrong places.
  • Learning is a continuous process and it doesn't stop from the day you leave school.
That comes to my thoughts when I think about Learning. For the last 5-6 years, I have always been at a point where I find myself  lost and am looking for answers. And so I began to realize this after a while.
We need to get lost in order to learn...
Somehow the process of learning is as such, we have to get confuse and lost first when we received that information. And until we take action on that information, it  truly becomes part of you. Hence I came out with this FORMULAE
Learn >> Confusion >> Action >> Re-Correction >> Action >> It becomes You
When you learn you do tend to get confused and most of the time not sure how that information that you just learn can be used. The solution is to take Massive Action.
Through Massive Actions, You see Results and through Results You can make Massive Corrections.. Eventually that knowledge becomes part of YOU.
The process of Learning also does not ends there. Sometimes a skill will take years and years to master, hence this ACTION >> RE-CORRECTION >> ACTION cycles may be required to be repeated over thousands of time before one can say that he is a master of that skill. Anyway keep on learning to improve y [...]

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Keep on Learning & Taking Massive Action ( Part 1 )