Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Warna 94.2 FM - Getting Traffic to the Shop in the Desert

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Internet Traffic => is vital to getting sales. At the end of the day, its a numbers game, the more you see people visiting your website, the higher chances of converting them into your clients.
I got a call from Dyn Norahim from Warna 94.2 FM. They were looking for Kaum Adam who is doing something out there to come in for their program on Paradigma from 3pm-4pm. Hence he asked me about what topics I could talk about, so I suggested about getting Traffic to your website. Hence I've been thinking the whole night on what to say and how to make it easy for you to understand.. Hence I reflected back on an article I read and pass on to my students a few months back about Upselling, Downselling and Crossselling but it has another point of view where the shop is located in the middle of the desert. So the title.. Getting Traffic to the Shop in the Desert. => In Malay => Kedai di tengah Padang Sahara, bagaimana anda boleh dapatkan pelanggan anda di sana .. OK DYN will help shorten the title.. Similarly when you start a website, your website will be in a similar position. Nobody knows you, nobody has heard of you and how exactly can you get people to know that your shop exist. I've mention this many times, there are only 3 generic methods to get traffic. -> Buy traffic -> Attract traffic -> Borrow traffic How do you use the above techniques to get people to see you when your shop is in the middle of the desert? Well you have to get the answers later.. Yes get this answered in Warna 94.2 FM today with DJ Kak Zaza Majid and me as a guest at 3pm today!

Gambar glamour Kak Zaza from Warna's website. :)

Thanks DJ Dyn Norahim for the opportunity


Visit for the FULL article.


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On Warna 94.2 FM - Getting Traffic to the Shop in the Desert