Saturday, March 20, 2010

What if you don't buy that Domain Name?

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domainYou have no idea why you should buy your own domain name - with your name, for your company name, for your own websites, etc? So why is this important? I am like the Mr Why these days.. I don't know that's how I sell lah.. Just explain to you why and why and why.. I'm the Mr Factual who gives facts and figures. But today I want to SCARE you a bit. Can I? Pretty please. With permission please read on. Scenario 1 Now imagine one day you become a Millionaire and you realise  someone else own that domain. You try to buy that domain from him and because he knows who you are, he will ask for $1 million for that name. Sounds like Black Mail right? Well that can happen..... You can't do anything. No Lawyer on earth can help you with that. As I mention this in the Untung Internet Seminar, you can be an Asset someday and your name will be worth Millions and maybe Billions. If you do not know how to protect it, then the above scenario can happen to you. Scenario 2 Company name. Because of you, you worked hard to build up your company and you made an empire out of it. However you didn't book that company domain. And because your competitor knows how Internet Marketing works, they bought the domain name, set up the site and you know what? All the organic searches goes to them.
Organic Search means - that people actually type your name in Google, Yahoo or MSN and search for you.
Its day light Robbery in action. They are stealing customers right under your nose and because of that you begin to lose your customer bit by bit and yes one day you will be the losing end. Yes protect yourself by OWNING that domain name. Can the above scenarios happen to [...]

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What if you don't buy that Domain Name?