Thursday, March 04, 2010


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We keep saying that you need to find your PASSION PASSION PASSION... Have you found it? Before you can find that passion, can I ask you a question? Do you know YOURSELF? I'll be touching on a very important aspect of your life. Many people I know jump from jobs to jobs and business to business. What if there is a way to know your potential from the start? Do you want to know your WOW CODE? The WOW CODE will explain your elements, your strengths and your weaknesses. Hence when you understand WHO YOU ARE, that is where you also begin to find your passion and start monetizing it. Again a short crash course on this. Usually it takes months to find yourself, this one hour session will shorten it and get you to find that path that you are seeking. Insyallah. It took me a while to get the name out. The Internet Training part of the seminar will cover the Affiliate Code and how you can use this technique to build an army of sales people without hiring them and marketing for the First Timer Online Marketeer. So what can you exactly do if you are first time marketeer. Very easy steps.. We will start with the email. Yes a crash 30 min course to write an effective email to get you buyers!! And I'll show you how we can use Facebook to get the crowd going!! So in total you will be spending about 3.5 hours with me. Note that during my talk, there are no breaks until Lunch. We are serious about teaching you the right skills, hence you have to bear it. Kalau Puasa boleh tahan kan.. apa lagi ini.... I will tell you its going to be a VERY Interesting Talk....

Hence be THERE or be SQUARE...


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