Friday, March 19, 2010

Writing Your Story ( Part 2 )

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Salams, We continue from where we left off.. Your story does not stop yesterday. If you are alive and breathing, every day is a story hence continue writing. The past is only the foundation of our lives. Today happens because of what you did yesterday. And tomorrow happens because of what you do today. Hence don't forget the present is very important. It leads to what you will eventually achieve tomorrow. The decisions you make and the actions you take. Write down what happen today... Every day is also a seeding process. What is SEEDING? Like a plant that grows from the seed... it is being planted and sown to eventually bear fruits. Similarly our delicate minds are being seeded and sown by tons of information each day by information all across the media. Hence don't grow the wrong seeds. Choose what you wish to write also. We'll share this topic later on.. Your writings will also reflect on how your mind works. Its a reflection of you. Its a reflection of who you are.. Its also a reflection of what you read, see and listen ... You will only know yourself when you start to write.. Yes.. through writing you can eventually find out who you are, your potential and because of this you can start to manifest things.. Because your writings is also your PRAYER.... I dont know if this happens to you. I get DEJAVUs all the time.. Hence "Everything Happens Twice, Once in Your Mind and Another through Actions..." The faster you see this, the faster you will see that your life will start changing.. I shall stop here.. If you wish to share you story with others write in to and we will share your stories about "Writing" to the hundreds of Untung Internet Subscribers & WOW list.. >>> Tip of the Day: Be a guest writer and get instant Fame. Similarly like Nurshaheed and Abang Abu, they get instant recognition from their columns in Berita [...]

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Writing Your Story ( Part 2 )