Thursday, April 29, 2010

7296 - Is this the Long Term Business Formula?

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The fastest way to learn is not just to understand but also live it & to experience it. So the above the no 7296 has very deep meanings. This topic may not be suited for you as you may not understand what I am going to talk about in the coming paragrahps because it requires you to reach a certain level to appreciate it. Hence for the last 3 years of doing business, I came to realize that there is a lot of truth in these numbers.
7296 7 - Support 2 - Communication 9 - Success 6 - Wealth
Is based on the study of NUMEROLOGY & Human Behaviour. The above numbers reflect back on life and how we should do it. The above numbers is a SUCCESS Formula for one to set his intentions to. Let's go deeper into the meanings.... The numbers are not read from Right to Left. So please read it from Left to Right. And because its in its proper order, the flow of actions also must follow the proper processes. 7 - The support.. In any project we undertake or in any business dealings we do, we will  need to find ways to get support. It can be from your network. It can be from your family. It can be from a mentor. Getting or rallying support is very crucial. Support can be in the form of Financial backings, it can also be in the form of moral or doing simple-simple tasks. Hence that is where many new Entrepreneurs or business owners don't understand. Its not about making that quick buck all the time. Its about building that network and support group first. In the Social Media (Facebook) scene. That's where the Fan Pages or Group Pages are important. Being the Queen Bee or the Tribe Leader in you area.. 2 - Communication Well once you have build that network. Its time to talk to them and this must be done consistently. Here is where you can share your ideas, present the opportunities you have. Present that product/service. Get feedback and comments and so on. Personally I [...]

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7296 - Is this the Long Term Business Formula?