Thursday, April 15, 2010

Learn to be an Entrepreneur from Games

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Do you play games at all? If you do understand how life works, it is infact like a game. However in this game that we are in we cannot reverse it. If you play it well, you can live a great life, if you play it badly, you know what I mean.

sims3 So SIMs 3 is quite a popular game that has been around for some time right now. I used to play SIM 1 on the normal computer but now I am playing it on my Iphone. So recently a friend asked me, "How can Games like this help Kids with Maths".. In this game, you are required to play a character (a man or woman). He/she will own a house furnished with the basic equipment, he/she will be clothed and so on. Like a real human being, the character needs to be moulded and developed. It has to read books to learn, it has to go to work to earn money and etc. Like the real world, the character has to spend money on food, furnishing the house and so on. So there's money to be spent here. When there's money involve, maths too come in the picture. So in SIMs 3, I was looking for ways to speed up the characters income because at a normal job, even promoted its income will hit a ceiling income of $300. Sounds familiar with you? If you relate back to work life, yes your income will hit a ceiling if you stay on a job regardless of your papers. However they are hobbies that the Sims can do such as gardening and fishing. And only recently I discovered that you can actually sell the crops we grow and the fish we caught. So i made some calculations... For a 8am to 6pm job ( 9 hours) - $300 earnings per day On average when we fish - 2 fish per hour and each fish can be sold at the least $40 per fish. Yes I don't know why its like this but it is like that cos it does want to teach us something here. So imagine 2 x 9 hours x $40 = $720 per day Now i began to [...]

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Learn to be an Entrepreneur from Games