Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making your first sale..

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Well this may sound ridiculous right? Question to you right now is, have you made your first sale? If your answer is NO.. Then stop for a while and ask yourself why? Here's the thing... Many people keep thinking of making that $1 Million but have never even thought about making their  first $1.
Similarly its like going to school. You start from Nursery, then move on to Primary School, Secondary School and up to where you are now.
So reaching that $1 million mark is also like attending University in Business. Without the proper foundations you are going to fall without UNDERSTANDING - it means that you will not understand the process if were to just skip the steps and get there and when the worst situation arise, you can't handle the TRUTH. This happens a lot to children who inherited their parents businesses. They are pretty much on the fast lane most of the time and have never went through the tough journey their parents did. I believe its important to go through the phases in the Entrepreneurship Life Cycle in order for one to understand the ups and downs. So similarly an online business requires you to understand the foundations first. Build on that, make that first dollar or  the first sale. Then get the momentum going.. So what to sell? Well here's how to start to think.. Ask yourself what would people buy for $1 and who would buy it? -> Easiest things to sell -> Sell your junk Sell to who? Karang Guni Man. Simple right? We do this all the time, but we never really thought of it as a business.. It can be that old computer, it an be that stack of newspaper or it can be that old clothes. Let's share to make $2 tomorrow. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's share Well if you have any other ideas to get tha [...]

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Making your first sale..