Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The new VIS logo? What do you think?

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VirtualInternetSpecialist It took a while to get this done.. After bouncing ideas with Kak Husna, Kak Liza and Kak Mus.. The meaning ? 1) Since we started the VIS idea since last year. It has build on quite a creditable name. Hence we'll stick to that. 2) The Bending Arrow. Its made up of two parts. A broken infinity sign - An infinity sign will indicate stress and a never ending cycle. That's where most employees/self employed personals are left to be. Yes a never ending cycle of work. So we want to break the cycle. Yes even in serving the clients, they too must have their limits. The Goal of the VIS is to be able to work from home smartly. Yes handling clients work can be tough but if one knows how to balance the work and family, things will go great. Arrow Head pointing up ->> This is the indication of growth and success ->> Also the arrowhead looks like the top of the house. Again the emphasis on work from Home. Below are a series of the branches that is being developed.. visbranches VIS Training - Is the 3-4 months VIS Course covering the 15 modules. VIS Education - For VIS Alumnis. From time to time the VIS needs to revise or get to know new updates and technologies.. Its a lifetime education. Hence that's why we call it VIS education. This is also the SUPPORT group for the VIS to exchange ideas, seek help when required and so on. VIS Business Support - This is where Ent [...]

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The new VIS logo? What do you think?