Thursday, April 22, 2010

Preparing for an Avalanche of Inquiries

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I believe ada Hikmahnya sebalik kesalahan seseorang. To blame one party is not entirely correct either. Hence I am looking at it this as a positive angle...
Life is easier when we look at the greater things in Life..
So what exactly happen today? As I was checking the advert I placed today in the newspaper I was quite shocked initially as my advertising agent placed the wrong Advert. The advert in Berita Harian today was last months advert with last months event date and last month price. Sounds like a disaster right? Well to think of it yes it is but if our minds keep thinking that way, we will not be seeking the solutions. So I gave him a ring today to check what went wrong and to give me a proper explanation when he gets to the office later.
What goes around comes around
Perhaps ada hikmah dia. I'm getting quite a few inquiries as a I type this because people are asking to verify the prices and dates. So let's look at it on a brighter side, I hope we can get another corrective Advert tomorrow. So wish me luck.. Thank you for all those that have called and signed up. For those that are still interested in this beginner Seminar on Internet Business, please visit our website  or just click the banner below for the details. PS: At the same Shaheed is also running his workshops @ SMCCI. Please visit this article he wrote about this myself >> Fadzuli, the Under-Estimated Shifu PSS: Every people you meet and connect be it bad or for good are blessings from Allah swt.

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Preparing for an Avalanche of Inquiries