Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spinning the $2 ideas

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What can be sold for $2? Since we have an idea now to get to $1 by selling your own stuff in the previous article. In fact you can get more than $1 for selling your old stuff. So today we want to go into the market. The second easiest thing to sell is to see at what people use everyday. Be it the nail clipper, a spoon, a packet of sugar, salt or anything that you can find in your house. Something that you need to replenish. In fact this is much better because it helps in getting the recurrence sale - meaning you can sell it over and over again. So scour around the market or shops near your place where you can get it for $1 or less. We are just using the money we earn previously. So reuse that money and look for items like I mention above. Next  knock on your neighbours doors. Previously it was easier to sell because the Karang Guni man would go to your house. Now we need a little bit more courage. Just ask them would you want me to help you buy some stuff at the shop? Or if you already have some sugar or salt, perhaps you want to offer them at slightly a higher price then what the shop has offered. If they need it, they would buy.. Reason being you have done them a favour by going to the shop for you. Otherwise if they insists on paying the same rates. Do this. Usually items may cost like 80 cents. But usually people will give you $1. Then ask them, do you want the change back? Usually they don't mind. So yes that's 20 cents earned. I would prefer the first choice. Because if they give you exact then its going to be break even for you. Note your time and effort.. consider that too. Try to do this to a few neighbours you know well. You'll be surprised to make more than $2 within a few hours of work. So if you have more ideas to share. Spin it out at the bottom.. We'll get to the $4 ideas tomorrow.

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Spinning the $2 ideas