Friday, April 09, 2010

What's VIS - Virtual Internet Specialists

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Today's post will be about yesterday's conversation during my interview.. Well this was supposed to be a VIS interview however it end up being a free consultation.. Bagus benar!! Clearly when I interviewed this candidate, she has the means to pay for the course and she really wants to work from home however her navigation is totally off from the requirements to be a VIS. A simple question like - Why do you want to be VIS? Her answer: To use the skills to run and promote a bridal business. Is this a wrong answer? No its not wrong but its not for a VIS. If you have intentions to run your own business, then this course is not for you. Yes there are knowledge and skills to be learnt  in this course however the VIS is a back end job. Its a back end industry and they too are running a business. However the nature of the business is a supporting role not a front end role. What is a BACK END JOB? Yes it may sound like a worse job on Earth, but its not. You must understand that there are FRONT LINERs and there are BACK LINE industries. In fact the IT industry is a back end service. The BACK END industries is a SUPPORTING Industry. The IT Business is never meant to be in the front lines screaming about the best service on earth. This is similar to the Accounting business. Every business needs Accounts Management. Similarly the IT business plays a pivotal role in supporting other industries in terms of technology. Their growth don't depend solely on Marketing but on the Quality of work they provide. The FRONT LINE Business needs the BACK LINE business and vice versa. Both industries cannot survive on its own. So what are FRONT LINE Business then? FRONT LINE >> Seminar & Event Industries (Education) >> Wedding >> Travel Basicly what you see at EXPOs are usually the front line business. This includes the retail market. BACK LINE >> IT >> [...]

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What's VIS - Virtual Internet Specialists