Monday, May 17, 2010

Discover the Hidden Beauty In You .. just awaiting to reveal..

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Written by Novi Gazali Just Last night, Allah present me a new trial in Life. As I sat thinking for solutions, An Inner voice reminded me that I have a celebration -I have yet to rejoice in.. "vi.. you have yet to celebrate and Thank Allah for this..." And What is that?? Subhanallah.. Its seeing my sister TRIED wearing Hijab.. My OWN SISTER.. And so, Amidst all the heavy talking, I was silently HAPPY.. so happiee inside..!! =) Rejoice in the thought & possibility that Allah has began to guide her ..Insya ALLah.. I wanted my sister to know ALL the BEAUTY & LOVE dat ALLAH gives.. All that I experience for myself.. and more..more.. I wanted ALL WOMEN to have that love.. that protection.. that peace.. Just within a month itself, I encountered 3 women embracing their Hijabs!!… beautiful.. I was just like them..!! I Only to start wear Last ramadan 2009..! I aim to encourage ALL Women to wear Hijab.. , by the Love of Allah, To make them SEE , FEEL, WANT, & DESIRE His LOVE (and not so much of wearing it due to fear of His Wrath ---- " My Mercy shall overcome My Wrath..") =) And I have my own personal story as an Underdog to share. And that is how I found this emerging passion to share and sell my Hijabs online. :) Insya Allah.. Share your passion with me at Hijabis@SG! SOO…. !!.. this is the exciting bit =) … I'm Gonna Give Away Shawls For FREE. Yes.. For Free.. all 15 of them.. TO ANYONE.. not just muslims.. ANY LADIES who Has a SECRET DESIRE to wear it.. but u just have yet to try it… A thought.. A wondering thought perhaps.. Join in my cause!at Hijabis@SG.. To those who have yet to wear; I say: Sister, Give yourself that chance to find out the beauty of wearing one.. It's a gem only ladies have (not to men) ;) its our priviledge.. our honour.. our new foun [...]

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Discover the Hidden Beauty In You .. just awaiting to reveal..