Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Keep the Tank Full

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What in the world is that you may ask? Well that's my motorcycle Speedometers and Fuel Gauge. As you can see my petrol is still fuel yet I still pump petrol into my bike. Above is a before picture.. The fuel gauge just touch the fuel line.. From FULL tank to the first Fuel Line - $14.07.. I think I can save more by doing this. Usually I would pump $20 at a time. WHolly cow what a way to save money!!! Usually I would let my fuel tank to empty than filled it up.. The bike's full tank is almost $50 for your info. Anyways I decided that I have to change this. Because when you learn about Energy Processes, everything that you do, touch or execute comes back to you.
As I've mention before, "What goes around comes around.."
So instead of the petrol going to brink of Emptiness, I decided it should go FULL, then when it hits the first line, I'll pump it up full again. Do you know why? When I keep the tank empty... that also happens to the wallet.. Every time the tank is empty, the wallet is also empty. Opportunities kind of cease... The effects of your daily habits also closes down your doors of opportunities. Its very hard to explain but that is how ENERGY works. That is why there is PETUA that says to keep your wallet thick and full of money. If you are thinking negatively it will attract Pick Pockets or so on. But if you think positively, it will attract more money to you.. The other time Kak Suria shared this with us about Umar Hamid's advice - which is to keep $1,000 at all times in the wallet. And mind you its not for use. Now how insane is that. You have $1K in your wallet and yet you cannot use it. [...]

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