Monday, May 03, 2010

Why is my website not selling?

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In recent weeks, I got this question over and over again. The client paid more than $1,000 for a website yet it could not sell anything up to date. Then the she begin to frown and throw frustrations at me. Honestly I get a lot of these lately. My answer to them is very simple. Yes you can have that shopping cart system in place, but do you know how to sell online?
Try to recall this scenario.. ( I believe most people went through it ). Scenario: One day you heard a knock on your door. There you see someone you are not familiar from the peep hole. You decided to open the door and there begins a sales pitch. "Abang saya dari Bandung, saya ada keropok-keropok dari Indonesia. Abang boleh tolong saya tak?"...... and so on
Familiar with this scenario? Well it is done to us from day to day. Similarly you need a sales man in your website. You don't just build a website for show. You need to have that site similar to a SALES PERSON talking to your clients. That is the point of making money online. If your website is not communicating to your buyers, there isn't any point either. It will definitely not sell either. If you look at some of the websites today, they have implemented introductory videos. Videos also plays a huge part in online sales these days. If you are not implementing these tactics then you are wasting your time marketing your website that cannot sell. So if you really want to make money online, get your website to be Your Salesman. Get yourself replace and perhaps you can focus more on the offline matters.

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Why is my website not selling?